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Growth Social Media is a legitimate Influencer Marketing Agency focused on helping people build and monetize large followings on Instagram.

Grow Your Audience

We work hard to generate a daily inflow of high-quality, targeted followers that are ready to engage with your content and buy from you.

Increase Engagement

The followers you receive will be liking and commenting on every post you make. Our clients typically see a 100-500% increase in engagement within their first month.

Lead Generation and Sales

Drive traffic to a sales page or generate interest in a high-end service with our innovative DM strategy. Your inbox will be full with interested leads on a daily basis. Just focus on helping them follow-through and make their first purchase.

Why wait? Exponentially grow today!

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Some Accounts We Manage

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your service safe?

Our service is 100% safe, everything is done smoothly and manually. We are not doing anything against Instagram Terms of Service. We have managed more than 300 accounts and we never faced any issue.

Is it allowed by instagram?

We are not using fake accounts or automation software. We would never do anything against the Instagram Terms of service.

Are the followers real?

Yes, the followers you will get are the ones who are interested in your hashtags or your competitors. So they are real and targeted.

Can I still use my account ?

Of course. You can still post an engage as you always do.